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"Mr President, since the right wing Orbán government came to power, it has amended the constitution four times in order to limit democratic rights, limit freedom of speech and whip up nationalist sentiment. Resting on openly racist and far-right forces, it is attempting to consolidate a dictatorial regime. On the one hand, it is trying to limit the ability of people to fight back against its attacks on workers’ rights, healthcare and education, and, on the other hand, it is attempting to divide and rule and blame the most vulnerable sections of society, for example the Roma people, over 6% of the population, who face horrible discrimination and racist attacks and who are amongst the poorest layers of society. Homeless people have also been criminalised, with over 2 000 people arrested simply for having nowhere to sleep other than the streets. A mass struggle to defend democratic rights is necessary. It should also take up and challenge the neoliberal policies that these undemocratic attacks are helping to implement. A new left anti-austerity force with a socialist programme needs to be built to struggle against neoliberalism and for real democratic rights."@en1

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