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"Mr President, I abstained on this report because I am a fundamental believer in the rights of the nation state. However, I am gravely concerned by the situation which is developing in Hungary. Over the last six months we have seen several measures introduced by the Hungarian Government which threaten the freedom of religion of Hungarian citizens. A new law in Hungary, called the Law on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion, and on Churches, Religions and Religious Communities, has meant that only 32 of over 300 faith groups in Hungary have received formal recognition by Parliament to operate as churches. Official status was removed from more than 300 Protestant groups and minor Catholic religious orders. Missionaries working in Hungary now face draconian taxation, losing almost 50% of their income to the state. Hungary is a beautiful country that I have visited on a number of occasions recently and they have rid themselves of the oppression of Communism. I trust and hope that they will also reflect on measures which are deemed to be against freedom of religion and association as well."@en1

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