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"Mr President, I am sure that every Member of this House would support the growth of a sustainable and economically viable bioeconomy. However, as usual, the detail of such development is key. I represent a constituency that is one of the most scenic and most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom. I am sure that Members of this House will have watched pictures of the beautiful Fermanagh lakelands during the G8 summit. Protection of this environment is absolutely vital. My constituency also has an economy with agriculture at its core. Far too often farmers have to contend with policies from these institutions which are contradictory and not suited to the local environment or local farming practices. The rapporteur also focuses on rural development. In my constituency of Northern Ireland we have a rural development programme funded by the EU, administered by the Department of Agriculture which should be used to support the agrifood sector and the rural economy. Yet instead we have had millions upon millions going to Gaelic Athletic Sports Club. That is not how rural development programmes should be targeted."@en1

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