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"Mr President, the possible introduction of roadworthiness testing for tractors and light trailers holds inherent dangers for farmers and businesses across the EU. In Northern Ireland, SMEs represent almost 99% of businesses contributing to our economy. Many of these enterprises would be significantly inconvenienced as a result of having their trailers subject to regular MOT testing. Farmers too would face additional operational burdens despite rarely using their tractors on public roads and by and large ensuring the upkeep of their machinery to safe and suitable standards. While it is encouraging that the Committee on Transport and Tourism’s report would exclude light trailers with a maximum mass of up to two tonnes from tests, the decision to place trailer caravans within the scope of the proposal threatens to deter people from partaking in what is a low-cost and enjoyable hobby. The report would also limit testing to tractors used solely for commercial road haulage. While this change represents a welcome improvement, there remains a lack of clarity around whether agricultural contractors would remain exempt. Ultimately I believe that, in order to move forward, assurances that vehicles used solely for agricultural purposes will not be tested must be provided."@en1

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