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"Mr President, for the first time this year not just Mr Barroso but also President Van Rompuy have come to the Chamber, and yet look around you. What have we got? Five percent turnout amongst Members? They have not missed much. Just the usual drivel about the fight against youth unemployment. With 62% youth unemployment in Greece, and with Spain not far behind, it is perhaps about time we were honest and admitted we are causing it ourselves. We are doing it through the misconstruction of the euro, through the obsession with global warming and the over-regulated business model. Yet your recipe is more bureaucracy: a youth guarantee scheme, another six billion for the youth employment initiative, the setting-up of the European alliance for apprenticeships, backed up by the quality framework for traineeships, and the list goes on, and on: yet more highly-paid civil servants setting up organisations that will achieve nothing. Until the euro is broken up, until you reverse the social market model you will not help youth unemployment. However I must concede you have had one great victory. A couple of years ago Mr Barroso said that the European Union was an empire, and your empire has just expanded. Indeed David Cameron appears to be the biggest cheerleader for the EU extending all the way to the Urals. No, you have got Croatia. You have planted your flag on Croatian soil. Not that there was much public support for this: only 22% of Croatians turned out to vote in the European Parliament elections. But there was plenty of support from the Croatian political class. Oh yes, the Prime Minister who negotiated entry, Mr Sanader, who was jailed for ten years last year for selling national assets, has been backed up by the whole of Croatia. They have sold out their country for personal gain and to be on a bigger stage. A country that fought for 800 years to be independent has given it away after twenty years to these guys in front of us today. Well you may be getting away with it for the moment, but it is not going to last very long. There is a gathering electoral storm. It is coming on the left, in the centre and on the right. You can hardly fail to notice what has happened in big countries like France or Italy, what is happening in Finland, the Netherlands, and even in Britain. The European elections next year present the opportunity for us to show you, Mr Barroso, that the European project is reversible, and it needs to be reversed for the betterment of the peoples of Europe."@en1
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