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"The coming Council meeting will conclude the Irish presidency and move towards the Lithuanian one. The EU has demonstrated progress managing the acute debt and financial crisis. On the other hand a certain fatigue can be noticed among Member States who only few months ago were firmly committing to more Europe, notably to stricter fiscal supervision, banking union etc. Today we see loosening the grip as some governments seem to think that the need to reform is over. This loosening on rules is exactly what brought us to the crisis in the first place. I call upon the Council not to give in when it comes to banking union. We need common rules and coordination to avoid collapses and domino effects. We need the single supervision to set rules and enforce those rules, also a resolution mechanism to act when needed. To regain trust with our citizens, the Member States cannot give in on a euro-wide guarantee on deposits. Also, the Council needs to find a solution on how to include non-eurozone governments and banks in the banking union."@et1

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