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"Madam President, the rise in organised crime across the EU affects us all. In my constituency of Northern Ireland, we have an escalating problem with the scourge of fuel laundering. Over the last three weeks, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs officials have shut down eight laundering operations with a total production capacity of over 53 million litres of diesel a year, creating a yearly loss in tax and duty estimated at GBP 34 million. The money gained by criminals involved in laundering is believed to fund gangs involved in human trafficking, drug dealing and, in some instances, terrorism. They bring nothing but pain and suffering to the community at large. What we need to tackle this crime is a coordinated approach across borders. But we also need full political and public support for those tasked with tackling such crime. In my constituency, it is regrettable that Sinn Féin and the SDLP have hampered the fight against organised crime by blocking the national crime agency from operating in Northern Ireland. In so doing, they put their outdated dogma ahead of the fight against crime – be it fuel smuggling or human trafficking."@en1

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