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"Mr President, I am very pleased, as I was the rapporteur on organised crime in the last Parliament, to see that this issue is now rising in public awareness as an extremely important danger that we are facing. Statistics on the activity of organised crime are very hard to come by because, unfortunately, the gangs do not publish reports, and even industries do not know the damage that is being done to them. But what is clear from the committee’s work is that millions of jobs are being lost by counterfeiting and cyber-theft and hundreds of billions of taxes are being forfeited each year. One of the most startling findings that I noticed in the committee’s work was that, of the containers which take our imports and exports in and out of Europe by road, rail, sea and air, only up to five percent are ever checked. Ninety-five percent sail through with counterfeit goods and all sorts of horrible things, some of which are life-threatening. We have to do something about that. Another thing which is astonishing is the lack of cooperation between the Member States. They each live in their own little world, prefer to do it their own way and do not trust each other. We are being seriously damaged by their failures. The Liberal Group strongly supports setting up a permanent subcommittee on organised crime in the next Parliament in order to put pressure on the Commission to make sure they keep on top of this job. I am sure the present Commissioner will do that. I hope she comes back and goes on doing this, but we want to put pressure on whoever is doing it. In conclusion I would like to say that my impression from this committee is that our society faces a clear and growing danger from organised crime. If we fail to react and the Member States fail to learn to work together, the whole future of a prosperous Europe is genuinely at risk."@en1
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