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"An EU-US free trade agreement would constitute the most important free trade agreement in the world. It is a historic opportunity to join the forces of the two world’s biggest economic potentials. It is in all of our interests, and if we do not do it now, the US will be forced to look elsewhere. Also, if the EU and the US fail to agree, in ten years’ time, other emerging economic powers will set the agenda based on different values that will not necessarily be democratic and open to the mutual benefit of the partners. Therefore it is absolutely crucial to make a serious start with a strong determination to bring these historic negotiations to a successful finish. And to trust our transatlantic counterpart, we need to talk about everything; the decisions, on the other hand, need to take into account our European interest. The one does not exclude the other. Free trade is not about a defensive strategy, it is about reaching a win-win result. If we do not even try to address and discuss controversial topics, there remains little hope to progress far on other issues. We can see how such an attitude to make exemptions and create barriers has still not made it possible to complete the EU single market."@et1

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