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"Madam President, the EU has frozen the assets of 67 people suspected of concealing abroad state funds misappropriated in Egypt and Tunisia. Now the governments in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia are struggling with economic hardship and it is high time for the EU and its Member States to make further significant efforts to facilitate the return of misappropriated assets, stolen by the former regimes, to the people of Arab Spring countries without delay. In the Arab Spring countries the challenges are numerous and expectations are high. Therefore, the return of stolen assets to the countries in transition is important beyond its economic significance. It is a moral and legal imperative and a highly political issue, as those assets, if used properly, could help to reconstruct the societies of Arab Spring countries, firstly by funding government programmes and initiatives to help the people, secondly by providing justice for victims and challenging a political culture of impunity, and thirdly by deterring officials from engaging in corruption in the future. Lastly, cooperation by the EU and its Member States would demonstrate the EU’s political commitment and credibility and, moreover, would strengthen much-needed mutual confidence, in a spirit of partnership with societies, which is a cornerstone of the revised European Neighbourhood Policy."@lt2

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