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"Madam President, as the previous speaker, Ms Gomes, has so eloquently demonstrated, the recovery of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt’s misappropriated assets is a legal and moral obligation – we all agree on that. I believe we also all agree on the fact that these recovery operations will in practice be much more difficult than one would have wished for. But the legal and judicial obligations will still need to be followed. I believe there is indeed a need to put into place a specific or trade-specific mechanism in order to accompany and steer the process, because it is certainly true that there is absolutely no comparison between the urgent expectations of the people in the three countries concerned and the concerns of the people in our countries where several of these assets are illegally and illegitimately parked. As I stated in my previous intervention, I believe that we should not only address the members of the G8 and our own Member States and the institutions of the Union and call for help and assistance, we should also address the Arab League and the members of the Arab League and the Member States of the Gulf Cooperation Council. It is highly probable that assets are there, and these should certainly also assist the populations of Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia."@fr2

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