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"Madam President, Syria marks a break between grand politics, the interaction between the great powers and its materialisation on the ground, leading to the suspension of the responsibility to protect principles. Both intervention and non-intervention have high costs, but the factor which ultimately counts is the Syrian people. The civil war has generated millions of both internal and external refugees who have fled insecurity only to find it in their new locations, complicating the region’s already complex political, security and economic situation, as Lebanon and Jordan indicate. The solution to the refugee problem lies in Syria and it is exclusively political – it is just that things went too far to make a dialogue with the Bashar regime possible. Moreover, the opposition continues to be fragmented, and foreign involvement on both sides continues unabated, complicating the situation with every passing day. One wonders how many lives could have been saved and how much destruction avoided if the UN Security Council had been allowed to act earlier in the conflict. The EU and the Member States which are already vigorously involved in managing the social consequences of the civil war should continue their involvement, taking the lead in the international efforts to alleviate this exponentially-increasing humanitarian problem."@ro2

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