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"Madam President, the resolution we will vote on tomorrow will not be the first or the last. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict we have had 16 Council conclusions, three UN Security Council resolutions, the report of the Independent International Commission and countless statements by High Representative Ashton and Commissioner Georgieva. The Syrian conflict created 1.5 million refugees: 350 000 in Turkey, 470 000 in each of Lebanon and Jordan, and 146 000 in Iraq. But we are not talking about numbers: we are talking about human beings – human beings caught up in a bloody conflict in their country, who had to leave everything behind in order to seek safety in other countries. They are the families who are being attacked by the locals in Turkey following the bomb attacks in Reyhanli; they are the women and girls who are victims of sexual violence in refugee camps in Jordan. We in Europe have been unable to end the Syrian conflict, but I am convinced the Member States can certainly do a lot more for the refugees. In the end they are not numbers: they are human beings."@nl1

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