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"I voted in favour of this proposal as an important step to further ensure the safety of victims of violence. The new Directive will complement the already established European Protection Order Directive, which applies to criminal cases, where victims will now be protected in instances of civil matters also. This Directive means that victims of gender violence, stalking or abduction will be legally protected in all Member States, regardless of where they have been granted protection. It is an important step at a time when one in four women experience violence during their lifetime. The new Directive adds to the model of free movement of persons within the EU. I believe the free movement of persons is much more than the free movement of workers. It is good to see that in this instance, the notion of EU citizenship extends beyond the area of economic activity and into the realm of social liberty. I also welcome the Directive as it will improve the experience of those affected by violence when they move to a new country. They will be eligible for further information and assistance and the procedure will also be made easier when applying for a certificate of protection."@en1

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