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"I would like to welcome this legislative report on the mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters, which complements the Directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. The proposal enables victims of violence, in particular domestic violence, stalking or violence against children, to remain under protection even when they move or travel to another Member State, if that person’s life, physical or psychological integrity, personal liberty, security or sexual integrity is at risk. I truly hope that the standardised certificate proposed by the initiative will provide a speedy and efficient mechanism to maintain protection during victims’ movements – also through the abolition of intermediate procedures and introducing the ‘no grounds for refusal’ rule – while maintaining the proper fundamental rights safeguards. It is vitally important that the victim’s interests are given priority, including ensuring that her or his whereabouts and contact details are not disclosed to the person causing the risk. The possibility of adjusting the protection measure so that recognition of the protection measure could be effective in practical terms in the Member State addressed is also an important safeguard for victims."@hu2

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