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"UKIP strongly supports UK laws which seek to prevent, control or, where necessary, punish those who engage in domestic violence. The UK has developed an effective system of law to protect spouses and children from such acts. Such laws are constantly being improved. UKIP will always support sensible and workable developments in those laws. This measure allows the writ of foreign judges – who are in no way accountable to Parliament or the British people – to run the UK. A protection order made in any other Member State will be enforceable without further ado, potentially leading to imprisonment. As such this is an unacceptable infringement of the sovereign right of Parliament and the Courts to have exclusive jurisdiction over such matters according to UK law. Furthermore an order made by a foreign judge with no concept of the very real difficulties and practicabilities of the enforcement of such orders within the context of UK law will lead to grave injustices which will make those produced by the European Arrest Warrant seem tame in comparison. The UK Courts are the best forum for such matters, For those reasons we strongly oppose this measure, whilst abhorring all domestic violence."@en1

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