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"I voted in favour of this report. Today almost everyone agrees that tax evasion constitutes a grave problem to the European economy and morals. It is estimated that Europe’s annual lost tax revenue amounts to 1 trillion euros – about 2 000 euros lost per citizen every year. It is clear that determined action is needed, including close cooperation between Member States to track and control cross-border tax fraud. The EU should coordinate, monitor and assist. The report calls for more staff and stricter control over tax revenues. Although I agree with the principle, I think we are starting from the wrong end. The first task is to simplify the EU’s tax systems and ensure that neither individuals nor businesses, especially SME-s, would be burdened with the additional challenge of understanding and complying with highly complicated tax systems. While paying taxes remains a personal responsibility, the EU has to ensure better capacity to do so. Electronic tax declarations would be a start, providing for fast processing by the state. In Estonia, the flat tax has for the last 20 years proven to be an easily understandable, transparent and efficient system. Why not head in this direction?"@et1

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