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"I voted in favour of this report. The basic principle of completing the internal market should apply to all areas, and this report presents constructive and positive recommendations on how to apply the internal market also in the field of renewable energy. Promotion of renewable energies and their use should not put in danger food security and agricultural competitiveness. We should also make sure that consumers are not overly burdened with costs in this regard. I believe that an integrated and competitive energy market will reduce energy costs and boost economies and innovation. Europe needs the internal market to be completed in every aspect without delay, while energy is of great strategic importance. Europe will not be safe and secure as long as there continue to exist isolated energy islands and energy supplies depend mainly on national borders, grids and rigid long-term bilateral agreements. This has placed us in a vulnerable situation that it is impossible and risky to tolerate any further. I call upon Member States to cooperate better. Although they have to ensure the interests of their citizens and businesses, there is an urgent need to think larger. After all, national interests are best protected in an energy-interconnected Europe – the best guarantee against unexpected turbulence and energy shortages."@et1

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