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"Mr President, I am now returning as it were to speak on behalf of my group, but I would also like to congratulate and thank my colleagues from the other four political groups in the House who have co-signed an amendment which turns the neutral opinion into a negative one. I hope that this will be passed in the plenary on Wednesday. We are tabling this for two reasons. The first is because Parliament has an important duty to protect and promote the Charter of Fundamental Rights. We cannot find ourselves to be complicit by supporting a treaty amendment which blunts the effects and force of the Charter. Why ought Czech citizens to be exposed to the risk of a weaker regime of fundamental rights than anyone apart from the British? Secondly, it is clear that treaty amendment of any sort in any direction is at present, especially in the middle of this crisis, extremely unpopular. We ought only to embark upon treaty revision in exceptional circumstances and for extremely sound reasons. Mr Klaus’s protocol is not one of those. I have to say that I am sorry that the Council benches are liberated of personnel this evening. Certainly if the Council had been serious in pressing its case for this treaty change, it ought to have been present to argue its case."@en1

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