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"I voted in favour of this report. Every year we vote upon Turkey’s progress report and address similar issues. Media remains biased and the situation of freedom of expression and belief face occasional declines that cannot be tolerated by the European side. Conducting reforms and adopting new laws in compliance with EU requirements is only the first step where an intensive and serious implementation period needs to follow. The fourth judicial reform package is in the process; now we need to see tangible results ensuring compliance with European and international standards, ensuring especially judicial impartiality. I welcome the recent steps towards starting to build peace between Turkish authorities and Kurdish rebels in hope that the progress continues in peaceful manner. If we see further success this process could serve as example of reconciliation in the region after so many years of violent clashes. Whereas any violence is to be condemned by the Kurdish side, the Turkish authorities need to ensure that economic and social development is reaching also the Kurdish minority. The most alarming sign from Turkish side has been the boycotting of an EU Member State, Cyprus, in its period of EU presidency. This is not compatible with European spirit or values."@et1

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