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"I voted in favour of this report. Croatia’s accession to EU is long overdue. Despite a few remaining matters over the last few years, Croatia has been ready for quite some time. The current government has an obligation to engage in close dialogue with its citizens about EU and European idea. It is regrettable that the first EP elections in Croatia suffered a low turn-out whereas there was an opportunity to link them with local elections. The argument that then the European message would have been completely lost is a controversy in itself as European goes local and local goes European. I hope that in forth coming months the government makes true effort to explain the facts about EU, especially considering that the media has spread partly false information and thus generated mistrust among citizens. Every accession is another example of the best success story of Europe – peaceful reunification of Europe. For that matter, also reconciliation with own history is crucial; I call upon the Croatian government to dedicate both means and attention to a non-partisan reconciliation process. Croatia’s accession should also pave the way for the other Western-Balkan countries, especially Macedonia who has been waiting for the negotiations to start for the last five years."@et1

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