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"From my own experience, as one of the initiators of the Estonian citizens’ movement that led to the change from a totalitarian communist system to a democratic one, I only can applaud the idea of a European citizens’ initiative (ECI). Nevertheless, I am concerned about the unnecessary bureaucratic burden and limited scope that the ECI is facing. I understand the concerns regarding privacy and data protection when it comes to online signature gathering. But asking organisers of a citizens’ initiative to go through an extensive, costly and very time-consuming procedure of creating an online signature collecting portal and certifying it in each Member State separately, falling under different rules, is an unnecessary complication. I call upon the Commission to find a solution to this and to propose a change respectively to the regulation. Introducing an EU-wide digital signature would eliminate such a problem immediately. Secondly, the ECI is content-wise limited to the areas where the EU has legislative power. I suggest reviewing this too and opening it up to more topics – considering that the Commission has the right to come up also with non-legislative initiatives. We have to give European citizens too the possibility of bringing other issues important to them onto the European agenda."@et1

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