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"I voted in favour of this report. Strengthening ENISA’s role and its capacity to act to protect critical European information and infrastructure is crucial. This report extends ENISA’s role in coordinating the CERTS, building better links with national data and privacy protection authorities (i.e. including the Europol cyber-crime centre). It facilitates greater international cooperation and provides ENISA with space for its own initiatives. What we have to keep in mind is the added value of ENISA. In times where both European and national budgets face serious cuts, the role of coordinating and supporting European agencies becomes central. ENISA has great potential in assisting and supporting Member States actions, gathering relevant information and providing answers/solutions to imminent issues stemming from their analysis. Special emphasis should be placed on ENISA’s role in supporting and assisting Member States to develop their national cyber security strategies, which are still missing in more than half of the states. I welcome the fact that the report has proposed measures to ensure that the effective functioning of ENISA will be reviewed in the shortest time possible. Cyber space necessitates flexibility and the ability to act and react immediately. This can only be guaranteed if the structural set-up supports it."@et1

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