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"I voted in favour. The EU-China strategic partnership is based on shared interests and mutual understanding, so it should also include full respect for human rights. No tangible results have been achieved in the human rights dialogue. Providing the EEAS delegation in Beijing with a mandate to speak with one voice on behalf of the EU would strengthen the EU position in the human rights dialogue and support EU interests in other fields like trade. The socio-economic situation of Tibet and Xinjiang is worsening dramatically. For the new Chinese leadership to prevent further social and national unrest, we strongly suggest giving genuine autonomy to these regions. I welcome the amendment by the rapporteur to change the reference to Falun Gong to that of a religious group. It is one of most cruelly persecuted movements in China, with thousands of Falun Gong practitioners having been arrested, their organs harvested and sold to foreigners. I call upon the EU to be very strict on the persecution of any religious groups, paying special attention to inhuman treatment and forced abortions. On the basis of the new EU cyber-security strategy, I call upon the EU to stand up for free cyberspace and to demand that China immediately end internet censorship."@et1

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