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"I voted in favour of this report. Long-term planning of the EU energy policy is a must in order to reach a sustainable energy supply and biggest possible energy independence. The key to achieving this is European interconnectedness. We have to eliminate energy islands without delay to ensure that Europe is not vulnerable to energy supply cuts by third partners. I welcome the pragmatic approach in the report calling on respecting the climate targets whilst emphasising the importance of energy security. We also need to maintain the European diversity in energy production and build on regional particularities, such as using solar energy in the South, wind in the North. Member States should be encouraged to refine their existing experience in winning energy from different sources (such as oil shale, possibly shale gas in the future). Incentives could be provided to support the needed environment protection measures in some cases. Investments in research and innovation must be raised to explore additional possibilities for new energies. Europe needs to become self-subsistent as much as possible to ensure energy security and sustainability."@et1

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