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"Ukraine is, and will continue to be, a crucial actor for the future of European integration. Without this country becoming part of the European community of rule of law, one cannot be sure about the final end of the historic enterprise, started in 1950. Therefore, the EU has to make sure there is a genuine political wish to engage Ukraine on the path towards comprehensive European integration. The Orange Revolution left the Ukrainians hesitant about the real attitude of the European Union, which continued to keep a distance, avoiding any indications of such a genuine political wish. At the moment, Ukraine has been left fluctuating between the EU and Russia. Negotiations with Russia – which is advancing with new vigour and determination the formation of a Eurasian Union – continue on the special treatment of Ukraine. As the EU should be clear in its political commitments, the Ukrainians need to make their historic political choice without further delay. Surely, this has to be conditional on real, tangible progress. To demonstrate their political commitment, the Tymoshenko case should be reviewed at once. The latter gesture could become a key for signing the PAA without further delay. This would also send the people of Ukraine a genuine sign that Ukraine is welcome."@et1

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