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"Mr President, in the past, seats in the Parliament have been traded between States in an unfair and opaque manner, usually in the closing moments of an IGC. Today, thanks to Lisbon, Parliament is doing the hard work itself. The rapporteurs have tried to be pragmatic, but of course pragmatism cannot be perfection, and the committee made an important adjustment to their proposal in favour of Sweden which reduces the number of times that the principle of digressive proportionality is breached. We ought not to reverse that change in plenary, and in the long run the experience has strengthened the argument for trying to find and agree on a mathematical formula which can be applied before an election in a transparent and straightforward manner, and I believe that this formula will surely be close to the Cambridge compromise, as delivered to AFCO two years ago. The report puts that question firmly on the agenda of the Convention, which we expect to start in the spring of 2015, plus the important question of transnational lists, and I believe that a discussion on seats in the Parliament must be tackled alongside a review of voting weights in the Council so that we can truly achieve a truly fair, durable system fit for a more democratic parliamentary Europe."@en1
"(The speaker agreed to take two blue-card questions under Rule149 (8))"1

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