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"I voted in favour of this report. The Single Market has a crucial role in boosting growth and employment in the European Union. It is therefore important to fully exploit all its potential and benefits. I believe that this report will contribute to the better application and assessment of the Single Market. This report made concrete proposals to complete the Commission’s communication on ‘Better Governance’ of the Single Market. The Commission already proposed several necessary implementation and enforcement actions, which included better coordination and stricter infringement procedures. This report goes further and proposes some concrete actions. This includes for example suggestions for cooperation between Member States’ authorities, but also the introduction of the Single Market test and speedy infringement procedures including interim measures. This report also proposes to establish a concrete legal framework for the monitoring and application of the Single Market provisions inside the European Semester. In my view, this should create a stable assessment of the state of the Single Market and able to better issue country-specific recommendations in specific areas."@et1

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