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"Madam President, I was happy to vote for Mr Gallagher’s report on technical conservation measures, since aspects of this report are very important for sustainable fish stocks and for the measures which the industry might use to ensure this goal. However, it is deeply regrettable that despite delaying this report as a negotiating tool on the issue of long-term management plans, there has still not even begun to be an end to a resolution on the issue. We have just voted on Parliament’s position on the reform of the common fisheries policy. Central to that reform is the issue of long-term management plans. These plans are essential to preserving fish stocks and the future sustainability of the industry, yet we find ourselves in a dispute between three European institutions over the issue of competence. The most frustrating aspect of this is that all sides seem content for this to go to court, potentially delaying reform and its implementation, and consigning the industry to further years of haggling over yearly quotas in December. Madam President, this is an abject failure. Mr Cameron should make fisheries policy a key subject of British negotiation."@en1

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