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"I voted in favour of this report. It has come to my attention that the noise caused by different motor vehicles has recently started to disturb more and more Estonians. I believe this report will contribute to reducing the excessive noise stemming from motor vehicles and more generally help to encounter the public health and environmental concerns related to noise emissions. I believe this report has a comprehensive approach to noise reduction, as it takes into account road surfaces, tires and car machinery used. Furthermore, the report also proposes concrete methods to put in place a unified measurement of noise levels, which will facilitate the uniform application of the regulation. Importantly, manufacturers will now have to provide the consumers with the necessary information on motor vehicles sound levels by providing sufficient labelling. The report’s main aim is to bring the Commission’s proposal concerning sound level of motor vehicles in line with the latest technical developments. By taking these developments into account, the sound level of motor vehicles will be better regulated in the future. In my view, the report also improves the overall feasibility of these requirements for the industry, which remains dependent on production cycles."@et1

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