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"Madam President, I wish to acknowledge the hard work put in by Ms Rodust and many other colleagues in the Fisheries Committee in getting this report to this stage. However, I want also to express a real desire, as this reform process now enters into a detailed negotiation phase between the EU institutions, that we will secure meaningful changes on many of the issues that have been central to the process: mainly discards and the issue of regionalisation. All of which I voted for within the amendments. I am aware that the Council still have to settle their position on this issue, particularly the issue of discards. I wish that we could now move forward speedily into the negotiation phase during the Irish Presidency. While I fully agree that a lot of work has been done to raise all of these issues up the political agenda, regretfully I have to inform the House that I find myself with no alternative but to abstain from the vote on the overall package. This is the fourth CFP reform process since the United Kingdom joined the then EEC, and we still have to wait for positive change for the United Kingdom’s fishermen. I hope that when I look back that there will be change, and I am waiting to see the outcome of the negotiation process."@en1

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