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"SMEs make up 98% of the EU’s businesses, account for some 65% of all jobs and have created 85% of the new jobs between 2002 and 2010. The years of crisis have had a negative impact. Access to financing and services is decreasing, business loan interest rates are rising, and extra guarantees compared to previous years are burdening businesses. We need to reinforce the entrepreneurial mentality in Europe and support SMEs, our gears for growth and employment. Think Small First is a principle underlining the tailor-made support to SMEs, taking into account diversity. Diverse financing mechanisms need to become available and accessible to SMEs, ranging from micro-credits and loan guarantees to crowd funding and other instruments. SMEs most need small loans and loan guarantees. Statistics shows that second-time entrepreneurs tend to be more successful than first-timers, so supporting business drop-outs is crucial. This would also boost the general entrepreneurial spirit and encourage business-making. Access to information on programmes and financing possibilities remains a problem. Member States should create easily approachable single information points to enable SMEs to get fast and easy information and, when needed, assistance, on EU programmes and financing schemes."@et1

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