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"I voted in favour of this very important report aiming primarily to diminish the differences between regions regarding their energy connectedness and energy efficiency measures. Structural Funds are an important source in providing a greater added value and complementarity to the energy policy goals of the EU. Outermost regions of the EU, in some cases even a whole country like Estonia, are often not connected to main energy networks and find themselves in a very disadvantaged situation when it comes to energy supply and energy security. The report strongly calls on connecting the regions, building energy storages to avoid energy shortage in certain regions. Structural Funds can and should be used in such cases more efficiently and help especially smaller and poorer regions. Secondly, cross-border energy projects with the regions outside EU need to be better supervised and full compliance with EU rules needs to be ensured. Thirdly, funds to support projects on energy efficiency must be made more easily accessible and the administrative burden to regions and SMEs brought to a minimum if we want new standards to be applied, so disadvantaged regions become energy sustainable and could keep up with the overall developments in the EU."@et1

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