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"I voted in favour of this report. In essence, it brings the previously established plan concerning cod stocks and fisheries exploiting these stocks up to date with the decisional framework introduced by the Lisbon Treaty. In addition, however, I believe that the amendments also specify some important elements, which will allow the establishment of the multiannual plan to become more transparent and effective. This will be achieved through ensuring the presence of the European Parliament in the decision making process and through consultation with relevant bodies, such as the STECF and the Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Council. This will ensure that cod stocks in the Baltic Sea will be exploited in a sustainable manner, taking into account the economic, social and environmental concerns. I find it important to underline that considering the rise in cod stocks the report amendment will allow small-scale fisheries to fish cod during closed season. This may prove economically important for small-scale fisheries as the prices during this period are high."@et1

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