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"Mr President, firstly I would like to wish the Irish Presidency well in the next number of months. I would also like to concur with the Taoiseach’s condemnation of street violence from all quarters in Belfast in recent weeks. Respect for identity and culture is important in Northern Ireland, as it is in the rest of Europe. I would urge the Taoiseach to emphasise this to nationalist politicians from my constituency whom I know that he meets on a frequent and regular basis. The aims of the Irish Presidency are right and laudable. Stability, jobs and growth are essential for all of our constituents. In Northern Ireland we are heartened that the economy in the Irish Republic is showing signs of recovery. Despite repeated conversations within these institutions, I do not believe that many here actually recognise how difficult it has been for firms and small businesses and, in my part of Northern Ireland, the impact that the crisis in the Irish Republic’s economy has had on them. However, over the next number of months of the Irish Presidency, Northern Ireland requires changes to its regional aid guidelines. We look forward to your help in gaining a successful outcome, as with fisheries and agriculture."@en1

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