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"The situation in Mali is deteriorating fast. The government has declared a state of emergency and the number of IDPs has reached more than 200 000, not counting refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries. I welcome the fact that the UN Security Council was quick to declare its unequivocal support for the planned mission by France to help Mali Government forces fight the rebels. I also welcome the fact that the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU is able to gather at such short notice to discuss EU involvement. I only regret that in the case of Syria neither the UN, nor the EU has done the same. Parallel to military support, the EU together with other international partners has to find solutions to the worsening humanitarian situation. According to the OCHA, more than four million people will need assistance this year in Mali. In these conditions where many people have fled to neighbouring countries and the Tuareg rebels are operating, a cross-border humanitarian crisis could be sparked, possibly even war. It is time for fast action, both in terms of military and humanitarian support. We cannot allow another war led by Islamist radicals; the sooner the EU acts, the better."@et1

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