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"I voted in favour of this report. The EU is the biggest donor of humanitarian aid and international support to the Horn of Africa, a region which has for decades been suffering from instability. In order to help the region surmount the conflicts, poverty and underdevelopment, I find it important to ensure the full implementation of the goals set out in the EU Strategic Framework for the Horn of Africa Region. Only a comprehensive approach taking into account all the challenges of the region, as well as the problems countries face individually, can bring solutions and help to ease the sufferings of the population. I support the concrete measures proposed to further develop regional cooperation, good governance, political dialogue and joint approaches to the use of natural resources, as well as the measures to combat piracy and other security concerns such as terrorism. Furthermore, I underline the need to support the countries of the region which are going through political transition, such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea. All these steps are of great importance to ensure that the countries of the region become capable of governing and independently ensuring stability and security for their people."@et1

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