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"Mr President, as a keen cyclist and a proud Yorkshirewoman, I am delighted that in 2014 the Grand Départ, the opening stage of the Tour de France, will take place in Yorkshire, the region I represent. This will be the first time that the world’s greatest cycling race has come to the north of England. The tour is one of the sporting wonders of Europe and the world, and Yorkshire provides a perfect location for the race. The steep hills and bracing conditions of the Yorkshire countryside will make a beautiful backdrop for the tour and provide demanding challenges for the riders. I am sure that the tour will do many good things for the local economy, as all the tour fans will come to Yorkshire to watch the race, and TV coverage of the tour will beam the region into the homes of millions of TV viewers across the world, many of whom will be captivated by our beautiful countryside. Yorkshire has a long history with the Tour de France, as the region has generated more stage winners than any other region in England. I would particularly like to congratulate the regional tourism board ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ for the fantastic campaign which led to the success of this bid."@en1

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