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"Mr President, I want to serve notice on the Irish Government, as they take up the Presidency of the European Council, that they face a mass revolt at home against the property tax. 500 people gathered in Dublin on Saturday at a national meeting organised by the campaign against household and water taxes. Our campaign fought the government to a standstill on the issue of the household tax, with 50% of single home-owners still refusing to pay that tax. The government has responded with draconian property tax legislation. They are giving the revenue commissioners the power to pursue working people who have paid tax all their lives, meanwhile the real tax avoiders – the Googles, the Facebooks, and the Starbucks – are positively encouraged by the Irish Government to continue to avoid paying tax. At the national rally, there was strong support to call for a massive boycott of the registration process and to build on that boycott with massive street protests, direct action and industrial action to put massive political pressure on the government and to defeat this bail-out tax. The campaign will be mobilising for the ICTU regional demonstrations on 9 February 2013 to turn those protests into massive protests against the property tax, against the austerity, and against this government and the Troika."@en1

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