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"Madam President, may I begin by thanking Parliament’s rapporteurs and all the negotiating teams for their work on this legislative package of cohesion policy which is to come into force, probably not in 2013 and maybe not even in 2014, but whenever billed. But we have to prepare for that. It is my hope that a new category of transition regions, which would include my own constituency of Northern Ireland, will continue to find support within Parliament. This category would play an incredibly important role alongside the present peace funding that we have at the moment and which was vital to Northern Ireland over the last number of years. In my opinion, the continuation of peace funding continues to be essential for the future of Northern Ireland. I am grateful to Parliament’s negotiators for ensuring that the proposal for a new peace programme has already been agreed between Parliament and the Council within the context of the territorial cooperation dossier. However, I am still concerned and unclear about the funding as to whether any would be available and what source it would come from. One thing I am very clear on, Commissioner, is that there must be extra funding as it was in the past. It must not be top sliced off the Interreg Fund or the other excellent funds that are doing tremendous work across borders and actively dealing with things. It is true that we always have to prioritise and that the budget is there and has got to be agreed on, but we have got to prioritise within this Parliament and within the regions."@en1

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