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"Mr President, it is all very well for the Commission to express regret over the crisis of youth unemployment, but have they stopped to ask the question why do we have this crisis? It is not because young people are not educated enough, it is not because young people do not have enough work experience and it is not because they are not flexible enough. It is because of the austerity policies pursued by this Commission, by the European Council and by all of the major political groups in this Parliament. Without massive public investment the youth guarantee scheme will just prove to be yet another empty promise. Worse, it may be used as a pretext to pursue so-called activation measures like JobBridge in Ireland or workfare, which basically mean turning Europe into a sweatshop of cheap labour provided by young people, displacing real jobs, and undermining wages and conditions. Young people right across Europe should mobilise together and demand action to provide jobs now. Massive public investment is needed, together with investment in third-level education to provide free access for all."@en1

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