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"Mr President, the Commissioner will be well aware that 40% of Britain’s unemployed are under 25 but the UK Government’s so-called work programme found sustained employment for just 2 in 100 people involved, whilst the British Labour Party has announced policies for compulsory job guarantees funded by limiting tax relief on the pension contributions of the wealthiest people and British Labour MEPs have supported our national trade union confederation, the British TUC, in a youth unemployment charter that supports youth guarantees. But let me tell the House too how my own East of England region is the second hardest hit in the UK for rising youth unemployment and how, according to the Prince’s Trust – whose ‘get into’ projects I warmly commend – one in five young people in my region say their prospects are being permanently damaged and one in four say they regularly feel depressed. I have heard from Emily, a 23-year-old from Norfolk, whose father died and who ended up leaving school without taking examinations and is now dependent on anti-depressants. Let us not give her pills, let us give her hope."@en1

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