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"Mr President, I welcome the youth guarantee and if we put it in place it will be a tangible indication that the EU is responding, but it is only a small step and it is only a first step, and we have to look at the bigger picture, at the continued austerity programmes in many Member States and the slashing of public investment. This type of economic model has in my own country, Ireland, contributed significantly to a 29.7% youth unemployment rate and, while it is not the worst in the EU, the real figure is in fact much higher, with 87 000 people, most of them young people, leaving Ireland in the last year because there is nothing for them at home. Last weekend our President, Michael D. Higgins, summed it up when he said: ‘I am so conscious of the discourse that concentrates entirely on the security of the currency, but is happy to leave aside the question of an enormous wedge of the population that are unemployed: 55% of young people in some countries.’ We cannot ignore that bigger picture and you yourself, Commissioner, said it this afternoon when you said we must not compromise our future when we consolidate our finances."@en1

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