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"Mr President, we all want to see European workers protected from exploitation, but we also need high levels of employment and this can only be achieved through competitive and sustainable businesses. That sometimes needs restructuring. Some of the measures called for here, like asking employers to set aside sufficient funds to retrain their workforce in the event of the company going under and restricting the options for making changes to working conditions of employees during restructuring operations, make it actually harder for employers to avoid making redundancies. In this context I do not understand how burdening businesses with unreasonable requirements can be seen as helping workers or protecting their rights, if the result is to tie their hands during crisis periods and potentially force them to go under rather than restructure. As I highlighted in committee, employers should be investing in their employees’ training and continual professional development. This helps them to do their jobs better and adds value to the company and also, in the event that they leave or are made redundant, makes them more employable. Successful businesses do this anyway and we should be encouraging exchange of best practice rather than inventing extra burdens to stifle our own competitiveness."@en1

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