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"Parliamentary scrutiny over the EU’s performance in protecting human rights in the world is essential to ensure that different aspects and nuances are taken into account by the VP/HR, the Commission and the EEAS. The call to mainstream human rights into all external actions of the Union is not simply a ‘nice’ thing to say, but an effective tool to ensure that human rights will form the basis in external relations. Religiously motivated violence is a growing menace in the world, especially in acute conflict regions in Middle-East and Africa. In particular Christians find themselves in life-threatening situations. The VP/HR must become more vocal in and demand in all forms of human rights dialogues that religious minorities are protected and their right to practice their religion upheld. Regrettably, the 2011 annual report mentions the Sakharov Prize only in a declaratory manner, not specifying if anything has been done, and if so what. The EEAS and the Commission need to stay in regular touch with both the candidates and laureates of the Sakharov Prize to ensure continuous dialogue and to monitor the human rights situation in the respective countries, offering moral and real protection to those acutely persecuted."@et1

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