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"Mr President, when I first starting standing up in this place and saying that I thought the euro project was flawed and would end very badly, I was met with a wall of derision in this House, and I must admit it was a very lonely old game. But now there is a growing number of people here who recognise the flaws in the euro project, and out in Europe roughly half the population of the EU and the euro zone now regret going into the currency. But I was pleased to see this week that an even bigger voice is now being heard amongst the experts in the financial community. The Danish Bank – Saxo Bank – said that the euro zone leaders are behaving like drug addicts and alcoholics. And how right Saxo Bank are, because you keep on taking that same drug that is doing you and the peoples of Europe so much damage. It is time for some recognition. The Mediterranean states do not fit into the euro zone, and if this summit pushes on towards banking and fiscal union, it will not help anybody: it is going to break up in the end."@en1

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