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"I voted in favour of this report. While the EU is the biggest single market in the world, it is not big enough to retreat within its borders. Boosting the internationalisation of SMEs is the key to increasing Europe’s competitiveness in the global arena. SMEs face major obstacles in trying to expand their business activities beyond Europe. Firstly, they usually lack sufficient information, as well as adequate administrative and legal advice on clauses, trade agreements and negotiations. Member States are urged to create single enterprise helpdesks at local level to assist entrepreneurs, in their native language, to obtain information and counselling services. Secondly, many SMEs, especially MSMEs, face difficulties trying to borrow money from banks in order to start export business. Officially supported export credits could provide guarantees and ease the procedure. Financial incentives, loans, and access to capital should be tailor-made and avoid the one-size-fits-all approach. More and more diverse SMEs and MSMEs should have access to capital. Thirdly, bureaucracy poses still the biggest problem for SMEs doing business at whatever level. Registration and legal procedures burden the SMEs. The EU, together with Member States, should map and assess existing rules and legislation, building on complementarity and concentrating on avoiding duplications."@et1

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