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"I voted in favour of both reports on shale gas. Energy independence should be one of the EU’s most important geopolitical goals and therefore it is crucial that Member states can make their own decisions on energy. Should energy decisions also affect other Member States, the opinions and the European dimension need to be taken into account – as often emphasized by Parliament. This protects the sovereignty of Member States in their choices of energy and allows for the diversification of energy sources – which is crucial for the Member States who are currently dependant to a large extent on one country as a major energy provider, Russia. The Sonik report clearly points out that fears and prejudices against shale gas and its environmental and health impact are mostly ungrounded, as long as the highest environmental and safety standards are applied. Unnecessary propaganda creating fears in regard to shale gas, but also nuclear power, is irresponsible. We have to guarantee the highest safety and ensure there are no negative effects on the environment or on health, but people must also have a warm house and lighting at affordable prices. We need alternative energy and shale gas might be the solution at the moment."@et1

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