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"The EU needs a solid and credible MFF. That is especially true in conditions of the continuing economic and financial crisis. For several Member States the EU budget will be the only reliable source for making investments. It is a limited and irresponsible vision of future to reduce the EU budget in order to achieve short-term savings. Member States whose leaders are insisting on freezing or reducing the amount of MFF tend to ignore the fact that during the recent past national budgets have grown several times faster than the EU budget. Freezing the EU budget will demonstrate both hypocrisy and irresponsibility for 2020 priorities which cannot be realized without increasing the MFF, not reducing it. The EU is based first of all on the principle of mutual solidarity. Estonia still has lower pensions than Greeks. Even so, it is contributing to the rescue operation to help Greece out of the crisis. However, solidarity can work only both ways. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania still have their infrastructures designed for relations with the Soviet Union, not with Europe. Only a credible MFF can help them to overcome the heritage of the past and become connected to the heart of Europe."@et1

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