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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the current difficulties facing the European steel industry demand an examination of the role of the industry in EU policies. This not only concerns the limited powers of completion, shall we say, of the industry, but the overall effect of competition, trade, cohesion and fiscal policies. Although the economic crisis has highlighted the central role of manufacturing, we must move away from a system that has in recent decades put consumption before production, services before industry. I believe that the various cases, such as the special steel manufactured at Terni and the Piombino steel plant, are food for thought in this respect. In terms of competition policy, for example, we should maintain a global, and not just a European, outlook when evaluating dominant positions. With regard to this particular question, I believe it is important that we guarantee the integrity of the Terni site during the current sale and hive-off by Outokumpu of its steel pipe business. In terms of fiscal policy, the measures contained in June’s Growth Pact must be implemented swiftly, encouraging fiscal consolidation to bolster growth and thus safeguard the role of public investment in European fiscal policy. Finally, there is the question of rules on State aid, which should be recast to encourage bridging finance aimed at securing the future of manufacturing at sites deemed to be strategic."@en1

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